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It’s no secret that mobile consumption has taken over our lives. According to a recent study, 96% of adults own a mobile phone. 81% of the population own a smartphone, and according to a study by eMarketer, 73% of all online sales will be mobile within the next two years

78% of consumers would rather use an app to buy from an eCommerce shop than a mobile website. – That’s right – 78%. Convenience and speed are the top two reasons, but overall mobile apps just offer a better shopping experience.

If you review the most recent eCommerce trends, you’ll quickly realize that everything is heading in a mobile direction. Shopping mobile apps are growing at a rate of 54% year over year, while the average growth rate of mobile apps across all other industries was only 6%

Buyers have changed the way they buy, and therefore sellers need to adjust the way they sell. Having an online store and offering click and collect is now a standard of doing business. Being able to order on-the-go and come to collect their order from your front door may be the difference between a large sale and extra business for your competitor.

Mobile app developers can charge tens of thousands of dollars to build you a custom app, and even then you have to worry about things like maintenance, updates and security.

The biggest problem with hiring a developer for your mobile app, is you have no way of knowing what your return will be until after you have built, paid for and launched the app. That’s a lot of money for something unknown.

Without a mobile app, you need to rely on your customers navigating directly to your website or visiting your store in order to drive conversion. But how often does the same person really need to come back to your store or website? So you spend marketing dollars on emails and social media campaigns to reach your customers. But with a mobile app, you’ll have a better way to communicate with your customers – push notifications.

Flagship Marketplace App has everything you need
to start selling online and grow your business. And for
a fraction of the cost of developing your own mobile app.

The tools you need to create a better shopping experience.
All included with your subscription.


Seller Profile Page

Within the Flagship application, every seller will have their own branded profile page where they can list store details such as...


Seller Order Management

The seller can manage orders directly from the mobile application with the capability of viewing orders, editing order status, adding notes...


Order Tracking by Notification

This feature will notify the customer when their order is ready for pickup, or when it has been shipped via push notifications. These...


via social accounts

With the social login, customers can easily login to the mobile app using their Google or Apple ID. Apple login even uses Face ID. This...


Stripe Payment Gateway Supported

Stripe is used by millions of businesses of all sizes and lets you facilitate payments while having Stripe handle payment compliance...


Seller Team Chat

The team chat function allows you to chat with your team members.


Seller Collection Page

Flagship lets you organize your products into collections and sub-collections to keep your catalog organized and easy to navigate.


Seller Add/Edit Products

Flagship puts the full power of the application into the palm of your hands, allowing you to easily add / edit products from anywhere...


Seller Locator via geolocation

Flagship was built to support local businesses. When a buyer logs in, Flagship will show them all of the participating retailers nearby...


Multiple Delivery Options

With Flagship you can choose to offer click and collect, curbside pickup or local delivery.


Seller Transaction List

This feature provides an easy way of managing the order amounts and amount received for the order after any deductions.


Seller/Customer Chat

Bring the in-store experience online. Shop virtually with customers with the built-in chat function. Customers can ask questions, just like...

Advanced Add-on Features


Push Notifications

Communicate information about new products, sales and events into the hands of your customers with push notifications. A message will...


Featured Seller Page

Sellers can have their store featured on the marketplace landing page to all users within the same city. This is a great opportunity to get...

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