QuickStrip Melatonin 5pk

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QuickStrip Sleep rapidly delivers melatonin to your system, inducing natural and healthy sleep — refreshing body and mind. QuickStrip Sleep dissolves in seconds so you can rest for hours. Containing Melatonin, QuickStrip Sleep is naturally derived and delivered in small quantities because it gets delivered rapidly!


  • 5mg Melatonin/strip
  • Convenient, precise single dose safe child resistant packaging
  • Small and discreet with all of your required dosing in a single packet

Directions: QuickStrip is the final form that will be taken by the consumer or patient. By placing the strip under the tongue, inside the cheek, or directly on the tongue and allowing it to dissolve for a few seconds, the active molecule is released from the strip and rapidly delivered across the tissue into the blood stream. QuickStrip contains the active molecule embedded in the delivery matrix




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