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Every 6 months Big Brands will review your product assortment, analyzing product re-order rate and product category assortment and will provide a mark-down on slow/non seller. after the discounted product has sold through or two months (whichever comes first) Big Brands will replace the remaining stock in those items with new SKU’s. 

Please select your preferred ship date at checkout. (any date before March 30 2021) If you do not select a preferred date, we will place your order in our queue to ship as soon as possible. We will notify you when it has been sent.

All orders that qualify will receive the six month invoice dating.

  • Orders must be over $500 CAD
  • 6 month payment terms is applicable on Gravity Pack orders.
  • PPE orders do not qualify for 6 month terms.
  • Terms will be applied to one invoice only.
  • All repeating orders will receive standard terms.

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